Alexander Richard Wilson - burning butte

Written by Black Discourse
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Loss of fire containment, Alexander Richard Wilson

What: Alexander Richard Wilson - burning butte

Who: Alexander Richard-Wilson

Where: Housing NY, 191 Henry St, New York, NY 10002, USA

When: 11th February - 21st March, 2021

Via Housing NY:

Alexander Richard-Wilson is an African-American contemporary artist living and working in the Denver metropolitan area.  Born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri, (1993) and formally educated at the Art Institute of Chicago. His painting practice references the spaces and depths of American landscapes, and the literal relationships between figurative shapes. Emotionally, he works to reference his history as the product of a large, African American family, and his present context as a queer Black person.

This will be the first solo exhibition of Alexander Richard-Wilson. burning butte, a collection of gestural landscapes in unrest and during a time of unrest. The artist moved from Chicago to Denver in midst of a pandemic, political unrest , and then to be confronted with the scorching of the Colorado mountains. In the pursuit of an aesthetic symbiotic reverence—there is an earnest reflection of the state of the world and the inner turmoil of the artist, as a Black person living in 2020 and now 2021.

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Alexander Richard Wilson - burning butte