Amy Sherald - The Great American Fact

Written by Black Discourse
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As American as apple pie

What: Amy Sherald - The Great American Fact

Who: Derrick Adams

Where: Hauser & Wirth, 901 East 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA

When:  20th March - 6th June, 2021

Via Hauser & Wirth:

‘The Great American Fact’ presents five works produced in 2020 that extend the Sherald’s technical innovations and distinctive visual language. Sherald is acclaimed for paintings of Black Americans at leisure that achieve the authority of landmarks in the grand tradition of social portraiture – a tradition that for too long excluded the Black men, women, and families whose lives have been inextricable from the narrative of the American experience. Subverting the genre of portraiture and challenging accepted notions of American identity, Sherald attempts to restore a broader, fuller picture of humanity. She positions her subjects as ‘symbolic tools that shift perceptions of who we are as Americans, while transforming the walls of museum galleries and the canon of art history – American art history, to be more specific.’

Contact: Website | Instagram

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Amy Sherald - The Great American Fact