Cleto Maréz, Sonic Dissertation on Black Reality

Cleto Maréz interviewed by Koumbah Semega-Janneh
59 min listen

Cleto Maréz is a heavy bass multi – genre experimental producer, sound architect and sonic-visual communicator from south London, UK. We asked him to respond to our 001 Edition’s Reality/Fantasy provocations so Cleto made us a ‘Sonic Dissertation on Black Reality’.

Cleto's latest track Get That Money Sis [GTMS] is out now

“Subconsciously I only answered the reality part...

Cause I guess Black people are more likely to be reminded of reality.

Fantasy is a luxury that We can’t afford.

I mean We can afford it.

But hence why I answered the reality more.

Luxury or privilege...

Everyone has the ability to fantasize.

But for Us it’s different in a sense...

See, in a lot of ways, that's all We’re allowed to do.

All We’re allowed to do is fantasize.

And Our reality is way more real.

There’s more behind Our reality.

We have to face a realer sense of life that other people don’t have to.

There’s a thin line…

But for Us it’s a thick line you see?

So what I mean to say is there’s a thin line between fantasy and reality, 

For Us it’s real thick...”

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Cleto Maréz, Sonic Dissertation on Black Reality
59 min listen