Derrick Adams - Style Variations

Written by Black Discourse
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Style Variation 31 by Derrick Adams

What: Derrick Adams - Style Variations

Who: Derrick Adams

Where: Salon 94, E. 98th Street New York

When:  20th March - 24 April, 2021

Via Salon 94:

Can the power to shift identity be found in dying one’s hair, or changing lipstick color? A simple possibility to transform and re-define one’s own beauty, embrace gender fluidity, and vanquish societal labels and control. Derrick Adams: Style Variations is a collection of ten epic portraits variously and colorfully painted over the forms of a mannequin bust. Through costuming and fashioning, Adams’ monumental portrait series celebrates Black Joy and self-actualization. Style Variations inaugurates Salon 94’s new headquarters at 3 E 89th Street, while transporting us to the windows of Bed-Stuy’s wig shops, braiding salons, and hair boutiques—the Brooklyn neighborhood Adams has lived and worked for over 15 years.

View booklet of Derrick Adams’ work here.

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Derrick Adams - Style Variations