Shattered Glass

Written by Black Discourse
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Tyler Ballon, When the Trumpet Sounds! , 2020

What: Shattered Glass

Who: Curated by Melahn Frierson and AJ Girard

Ambrose | Chinaza Agbor | Diana Yesenia Alvarado | Mario Ayala | Tyler D. Ballon | The Perez Bros. | Ariel Dannielle | rafa esparza | Delfin Finley | Kohshin Finley | Alfonso Gonzalez Jr. | Bryant Giles | Lauren Halsey | Kezia Harrell | Jammie Holmes | Amani Lewis | Kenrick McFarlane | Murjoni Merriweather | Mario Moore | Jaime Muñoz | Simphiwe Ndzube | Bony Ramirez | Devin Reynolds | Gabriela Ruiz | Phumelele Tshabalala | Raelis Vasquez | Vincent Valdez | Fulton Leroy Washington (aka Mr. Wash) | Kandis Williams | Antoinette Brock | Daniel T. Gaitor-Lomack | Shaniqwa Jarvis and Raj Debah | Alima Lee| Elise Peterson | Clifford Prince King | Devin Troy Strother | Dana Washington-Queen | Mandy Harris Williams | Rikki Wright

Where: Deitch Gallery, 925 N. Orange Drive, Los Angeles

When: 20th March – 22nd May 2021

Via Jeffery Deitch:

Shattered Glass gathers a group of 40 international artists of color whose subjects don’t ask, but rather demand to take up space. Subjects whose gaze unflinchingly holds the viewer. Figures literally walk off the canvas, asking for more than a life beyond subjugation. The artwork gathered for this exhibition introduces a new narrative altogether, and intends to shatter the glass of the long existing power structures in the art world.

Visibility within the arts has historically been racially determined by existing hierarchical power structures. This directly correlates to the erasure of Black and Brown bodies in the art world. There still exists a massive lack in images of self-affirmation and representation for people of color in traditional figurative portraiture. The result has forced those outside of this one-sided narrative to perceive their history through a predominantly white lens deemed as Universal. It is crucial that our community members, who have historically felt uncomfortable and unwelcome in institutional art settings, finally see themselves represented in these spaces and beyond.

Shattered Glass makes space for the creative voices of the community to speak as individuals and in community. We invite you to explore the vast talent of this group of artists; a new class of innovators who point toward imagined utopias. From the sands of the Dominican Republic, academies in London, South Africa, California and the southern terrains of Louisiana and Texas, these artists are all linked together through a diasporic lens. Relationships of friendships, partner and sibling bonds all help to gather this voice together, and together we continue forward towards a future only artists can imagine.

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Shattered Glass