Gopal Dagnogo - The Everyday Established as Sacred

Written by Black Discourse
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What: Gopal Dagnogo - The Everyday Established as Sacred

Where: Online, Oh Gallery - Dakar, Senegal

When: 21 August - 25 September, 2021

Via Oh Gallery:

“The privilege of absurdity is reserved for the only human creature,” - Thomas Hobbes.

If an iconic phrase could describe Gopal Dagnogo's work, it would undoubtedly be the one above. Taken from the book Leviathan written by the famous philosopher Thomas Hobbes, it perfectly sums up the artist's thought and his vision of human societies.

Gopal Dagnogo is a Franco-Ivorian artist. He mainly produces works on canvas and drawings, through the use of mixed media. But above all, his work is about revealing, from everyday details, what society can offer in contradictions and sometimes ubiquitous behaviour. 

A virtuoso of black humour, he claims to follow the opportunities that arise in his artistic career, letting himself be carried away by the winds. 

“Whatever the case, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference,” - Gopal Dagnogo.

A tinged modesty and a scathing laugh that characterises a painter, but above all a man: professions have never had the power to replace souls. Behind the name of Gopal Dagnogo also exists a history, origins, imbued with passions like a marked interest in Japanese culture.

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Gopal Dagnogo - The Everyday Established as Sacred