Oscar Murillo - Frequencies

Written by Zion Estrada
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Detail from Oscar Murillo, Disrupted Frequencies (Colombia, Brazil, Turkey, China), 2013–2019.

What: Oscar Murillo - Frequencies

Where: Cardinal Pole Catholic School, 205 Morning Lane, London, UK

When: 24 July – 30 August 2021

Via Art Angel:

Turner-prize-winning artist Oscar Murillo returns to his secondary school in Hackney, London to present a deep dive into his immense Frequencies project. 

Frequencies began in 2013 in a few schools in Colombia. Over the course of a term, students aged 10–16 marked blank canvases fixed to their desks with doodles and drawings, names of friends, sports teams and celebrities, hearts, logos and skulls. The impetus for Frequencies came in part from a chance encounter when Murillo visited his own former school as an adult, and noticed the densely graffitied wooden desks. These objects sparked memories of adolescence and the desire to break free from the normative environment of education and find a release in drawing and mark-making. Identifying with the students, Murillo approached the project as a collaboration between himself and the many participants.

Since this first experiment, Murillo, together with political scientist Clara Dublanc, has taken the project to 350 schools in over 30 countries. Frequencies now comprises a global archive of conscious and unconscious energies created in collaboration with students and recorded on over 40,000 individual canvases. 

For the first ever presentation of the entire Frequencies archive, Murillo and Frequencies Foundation are taking over the school's sports hall to create a huge installation of canvases in stacks, on tables, and on screens.

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Oscar Murillo - Frequencies
Written by Zion Estrada
Creative Producer

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