Political Violence and Black Feminist Solidarity in Brazil

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Watch Resisting in Global Black Feminisms: Black Feminist Transnational Organizing w/ Anielle Franco

In honor of Afro-Latin American and Afro-Caribbean feminisms, this conversation celebrates the life, leadership, and legacy of Afro-Brazilian activist, organizer, and human rights defender, Marielle Franco, and the power of global Black feminisms and solidarity. 

Trinice McNally, founder of the I SUPPORT BLACK WOMEN campaign and Jamiee Swift founding director of Black Women Radicals guide an honest and intimate conversation with Anielle Franco, a Black feminist organizer, author and Executive Director of the Marielle Franco Institute, about the murder of her sister and the fight for Black feminist politial justice globally.

Throughout the African Diaspora, Black feminisms have always been central and key to our political struggles for liberation. We can point to countless examples in the Black radical tradition of how Black women and gender expansive people have led and continue to be leaders in our movements across various sectors, whether it is organizing for racial and gender justice, educational equity, anti-Black state violence, mutual aid, and more. 

However, oftentimes transnational Black feminisms and particularly Black women and gender expansive people at the vanguard of radical transnational struggles are further marginalized, as Black feminisms in the United States are often centralized in various discourses. This conversation explores the legacy of Black feminisms and transnational organizing in the diaspora.

Anielle Franco

Anielle Franco is a Black Feminist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil who was born and raised in favela da Maré. She has a bachelor's degree in Journalism and English from North Carolina Central University, a bachelor and license degree in English Literature from the State University of Rio de Janeiro, a master degree in Journalism and English from Florida A&M University, and is currently a graduate student at the Federal University in Rio de Janeiro on Ethnic-Racial Relations. 

Anielle recently published her first book called Letter to Marielle and is now working on Marielle’s biography. She has also contributed to many other books, including Angela Davis’ autobiography. Currently, she works as a teacher, speaker, racial consultant, and writer. She also writes weekly for an electronic newspaper in Brazil and monthly for magazines while serving as the Executive Director of Marielle Franco Institute.

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This event is part of the I SUPPORT BLACK WOMEN campaign created by Trinice McNally, a Black queer feminist migrant, survivor, and activist and Virgil Abloh, chief executive director of OFF WHITE™. I SUPPORT BLACK WOMEN aims to amplify and capture Black Women leaders of all identities (Transgender, Immigrant, Disabled, Fat, Queer, Working-Class) to share their work and why they have dedicated their life to Social Change and the importance of fashion, arts, culture in creating change.

The I SUPPORT BLACK WOMEN campaign also supports a fundraiser to open a physical location for the School for Black Feminist Politics, the Black feminist political education arm of Black Women Radicals, a Black feminist advocacy organization with a mission to uplift and center Black women and gender expansive people’s radical activism in Africa and in the African Diaspora. Donate here to support this project.

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Political Violence and Black Feminist Solidarity in Brazil
2 min read