'the body is my first mother' Video Exhibition

Curated by Koumbah Semega-Janneh
10 min watch

Chinasa Vivian Ezugha | Leila Jarman, DeiSelah Thompson, Zion Estrada | Koumbah Janneh | Trécha Gay Jheneall | Liniya Lanvin, Sjoerd Martens | Lydia Newman | Madinah Farhannah Thompson

August 25 - October 10, 2021

We present to you, 'the body is my first mother' curated by Koumbah Semega-Janneh.

Wednesday - Sunday this space will exhibit a new film from Black women, femme and gender non-conforming video artists, exploring themes of body, process + catharsis. Return each week to find a new work. See below for screening schedule.


Saliva & Tears / Underneath You

Madinah Farhannah Thompson

August 25 - 29

Saliva & Tears / Underneath You, 2020 is a film, which uses Thompson’s poem Underneath You, alongside other texts which discuss emotional abuse, control and manipulation within romantic relationships. The film juxtaposes these works with imagery depicting a black woman's search for spiritual cleansing. This work explores the ritual of touch and gesture as a way to both summon and preserve memories, connect to ancestral knowledge and continue legacy.


The Planetarium

Liniya Lanvin, Sjoerd Martens

September 1 - 5

Liniya Lanvin and Sjoerd Martens exhibit a stage in their film The Planetarium, 2021 exploring the night sky in which various suppressed energies feed off each other. To activate and illuminate the exclusive healing effect on those who remain darkened in the solar system. A symbol of growing up in lostness and today's elusive navigation to undetermined destinations, not knowing where our future home awaits, created by not fitting into a particular community. The Planetarium turns its spotlight on the relationship between ownership, individual, and the observer, and becomes somewhat disordered to investigate how they can survive from each other - with resilience as a retained compass to become who we want to be for a better future for ourselves and our immediate environment.

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Trécha Gay Jheneall

September 8 - 12 

Cornered, 2021 is an antagonistic pursuit of gender/body consolidation through enactments using percussion and shadow.


The indifference of bystanders

Koumbah Janneh 

September 15 - 19 

the indifference of bystanders, 2020 is a testament to the loneliness of victory. We prefer to celebrate the dead rather than make space for the bitterness accompanied with the journey to triumph. It explores the position of the bystander and Black bodies (and pain) as spectacle. The work is in part a dialogue with Kara Walker’s, Fons Americanus, 2019 and a spell.



Chinasa Vivian Ezugha

September 22 - 26 

Bag, 2017 explores space and the limits or expansion of space. Through sound, Ezugha narrows in on the head, using a 'Ghana must go' bag to explore enclosure and expansion. Ezugha has always been fascinated with this concept of creating a space within a space and what it means to play with restriction in performance. 



Leila Jarman + DeiSelah Thompson + Zion Estrada

September 29 - October 3 

Stopped, 2020 is a collaborative, experimental poetry film that explores themes and experiences around the artists' relationships to self, addiction, grieving, healing, awakening and transformation.

@leila_jarman @deiselah @zionestrada

A Primal Scream

Lydia Newman

October 6 - 10

A Primal Scream, 2021 is a televisual performance held by a soundscape that captures the social-political overwhelm of 2020 whilst glimpsing the internal landslides that took place within us. A Primal Scream uses metaphor to embrace the harsh realities that many of us have faced over the last year. Through this embrace, there is a  recognition of our individual and collective strength to overcome and keep moving forwards.


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'the body is my first mother' Video Exhibition
10 min watch