The Other Side of Pentaprism

Written by Black Discourse
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Fish, 2019, Jodi Minnis

Who: Melissa Alcena | Tamika Galanis | Jodi Minnis | Lynn Parotti | Leanne Russell | Tiffany Smith

What: The Other Side of Pentaprism

Where: Tern Gallery

When: 26 August - 13 November 2021

Via Tern Gallery:

The Other Side of the Pentaprism (re-)mirrors a vision of the Caribbean as it is, but seldom is seen. The six artists in this show are the pentaprism, filtering their gaze through their creative vision. Revealing a different universe while questioning the “real” one in which we inhabit, the exhibition upsets the narratives and histories many of us have been taught, showing that the norms and status quo are truly mad. Is it not our accepted world that is illogical? A world where the homes of the enslavers are venerated while those of the enslaved are forgotten, where women are valued only for their ability to serve or bear children and where histories are unwritten. These artists present us rather with a world where people exist as more than props within a fabricated backdrop.

Ellie, 2020, Melissa Alcena
Marty Riding Through Water, 2019, Melissa Alcena

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The Other Side of Pentaprism