Virgil Abloh Boke My Mind: Celebrating V's Creative Legacy

Black Discourse
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In August 2022 Nordstrom and BLACK DISCOURSE invited 200 members of the public to an intimate conversation in Nordstrom’s flagship NY store to celebrate the launch of Nordstrom Concept 018: Virgil Abloh Securities. The night welcomed Virgil’s friends and collaborators Ev Bravado and Atiba Jefferson to honor the genius of Virgil Abloh in conversation with host Jian Deleon.

Atiba Jefferson, Jian DeLeon, Ev Bravado

Nordstrom also commissioned Black Discourse to create a sonic artifact honoring Virgil Abloh’s legacy. This sonic collage is a woven tapestry of wisdoms dropped by Virgil Abloh’s friends and colleagues, on the ways that Virgil Abloh broke their minds.

Nordstrom Concept 018: Virgil Abloh Securities

Featuring original sound design by SHY ONE, UK Producer and DJ  VIRGIL ABLOH BROKE MY MIND captures tender reflections shared by Bravado, Jefferson and DeLeon, along with additional contributions by long time friends and collaborators Acyde, Bafic and Ash Lauryn. The project bridges the overground with the underground by weaving in guests of the event - demonstrating V’s lasting legacy and the imprint he has left on us all.

VIRGIL ABLOH BROKE MY MIND shares the cheat codes, practices, and brilliance of artistic honesty that V embodied.

Listen to the full VIRGIL ABLOH BROKE MY MIND August 18, ‘22 panel, with Jian DeLeon, Ev Bravado and Atiba Jefferson here.


Ev Bravado, Atiba Jefferson, Jian DeLeon, Acyde, Ash Lauryn, Bafic, Stephanie Kamilla Osoria, Ahmadou Barry, Alex Harley

The BLACK DISCOURSE Sonic Artifact Project

We explore Black Discourse and Black identity in sonic technology. The Black Transmission has a sonic aesthetic. It cannot be owned or replicated. 

The Black diaspora archives our existence through the sounds we utilize in our relationships, crossing between creation, survival, and futurism. These sonic maps allow us to locate ourselves outside of Western time constructs. We are rooted by these sounds.

Racial capitalism has ripped us away from the larger narrative of our diasporic community. In curating the words of Black cultural creators, musicians and artists from around the world, we weave the innumerable elements of Black sonic transmission into intangible artifacts that necessitate protection, unity, recognition, access and reverence. 

Our sonic artifacts continue to share the ideas, intellect and cheat codes of the Black Diaspora for the purpose of disruption, growth, and joy.

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Virgil Abloh Boke My Mind: Celebrating V's Creative Legacy