Voguing and Blackness in the Second Life Community, a Q+A with 3D Designer Liniya Lanvin

Liniya Lanvin Interviewed By Zion Estrada
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WANNA EAT MY PUNANI B*TCH, A film by 7th Grl

Z: How do you define fantasy?

7th Grl: The way I define fantasy is by digging deep into imagination and taking a chunk out of all the things we wish we could have been like. On the other hand reality is realizing all the beauty we get from nature and humanity.

Z: What was your first experience of fantasy?

7th Grl: My first experience with fantasy would have to be movies in the 90s which sparked my imagination in ways I didn't realize until later. Things I fantasize about are becoming wealthy enough to create the things I truly believe in. Also traveling to different countries to see what inspires artists around the world.

Z: What are the similarities you see between reality and fantasy?

7th Grl: A few of the similarities I see in fantasy and reality are they have a very thin line and are both beautiful in their own ways. You truly couldn't have one without the other, most things you fantasize about can become real in one form or another.

What You Want Secondlife Vogue Battle by 7th Grl

Z: How did you become a 3D virtual designer?

7th Grl: I became a 3D virtual designer by playing Second Life; I taught myself how to record and edit videos in 2015 and the rest was history.

Z: Does working in the 3D world building field affect your reality?

7th Grl: For me working in the 3D field doesn’t affect my reality at all because I have been using the Second Life platform since I was a teenager and I learned how to keep the two as separate entities,- I see this as an alter ego in virtual form. Reality in my world is experience, life gives us and how beautiful it is, as times change, nothing stays the same for us as people but the sun has always been the same.

Z: Are there many Black womxn in your industry? Do you think there should be more?

7th Grl: Yes there are plenty of other Black women in this field as well and they are very successful.

Z: How can young Black people start playing with 3D virtual design?

7th Grl: I feel like most young Black people already are into 3D very heavily and always have been just overlooked, it's so much talent in the Second Life community as a whole.

Z: What is your favorite part of your work?

7th Grl: My favorite part of my work is making something people enjoy that makes them smile and feel good after experiencing it.


Z: Why do you choose to represent real Vogue culture in your 3D spaces?

7th Grl: The reason for me representing real vogue culture is because I truly love everything about the ballroom scene and the art of vogue. I discovered it at 17 and joined the scene at a young age. I just wanted to give something back to the community.

Z: What major lessons have you learned while working in virtual reality?

7th Grl: I have learned so many lessons in this virtual space and still learning them but the things that stand out most are don't tell a soul what you're doing until after its done, Also no matter who comes after you remember why YOU are doing this and remain focused.

Z: Who are some of your favorite 3D virtual creators?

7th Grl: My all time favorite 3D creator would have to be Fabeeo Breen. His talent is truly amazing.

Liniya Lanvin

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Voguing and Blackness in the Second Life Community, a Q+A with 3D Designer Liniya Lanvin
4 min read