Zacharaha Magasa - Rain or Shine!

Written by Black Discourse
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Who: Zacharaha Magasa

What: Rain or Shine!

Where: First Floor Gallery, Karigamombe Centre, 2nd Floor, 53 Samora Machel Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe

When: 29 October - TBA

Via First Floor Gallery:

Taking over the P72 rooftop First Floor Gallery Harare is spotlighting a sculptor working with repurposed reworked and reimagined for the 21st century tyre rubber.

As much as rain or shine speaks to the defiant robustness of the material chosen by the artist, it also asserts the adamance that is demanded by one’s art practice to carry one in any environment. The demand to persevere for sculptors is one that call on physical and emotional endurance. The outcomes are then physical victories as well as intellectual and emotional ones.

Like many of his peers on the continent from Igshaan Adams to Ibrahim Mahama and fellow Zimbabweans Troy Makaza and Wallen Mapondera, Magasa is a narrative abstractionist. Each of his tyre-based complications retains its intrinsic literal journey, as well as an associative history we all respond to, when we see any element of a tyre. However Magasa adds an element of magic, play and conjecture, through carving, spray paint and the sheer contortion of shapes, which elevates and enables the physical properties of the material to merge with their story-telling ones effortlessly. The works becoming an embodiment of life being a journey not a destination, for each of us to be carried away by, rain or shine.

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Zacharaha Magasa - Rain or Shine!