Zion Estrada
Creative Director + Artist Researcher

Zion Estrada [she/her] is an LA-based Black Latina creative producer, social impact consultant, and artist-researcher whose work commits to supporting/defending Black, Brown, and Indigenous safety and creative autonomy. Zion is currently the Director of Programs at BLD PWR. She is skilled in program strategy & development, creative content production/design, story crafting, film production, cultural consultancy, diaspora-centered curriculum development & community organizing.  She integrates social justice consciousness, philosophy, art, and film while promoting collaboration between artists, organizations, and activists with the goal of materializing content that judiciously questions the status quo.

Holding a Masters in the Art of Education and ten years of experience in the classroom, as a teacher and curriculum developer,  Zion conducts all of her work through the lens of an educator. She is an initial supporter of the Ida B. Wells Education Project, sits on the board of Citizens of Culture as the Educational Consultant and a founding member of the Diaspora Coalition LA.

Zion believes in the intentional elimination of taboo sex talk, the radical deconstruction of the school system, and the human compulsion to tell stories. She loves kimchi, ceviche, abolitionist memes, forehead kisses and deep cut playlist.