Welcome to BLACK DISCOURSE. A space for undeniably Black exploratory conversation.

BLACK DISCOURSE was founded during the 2020 uprisings. After the murder of George Floyd a group of Black creatives asked themselves: “What can we do? What do we have?”

The answer is dumb simple.

The Black diaspora has done it all. The Black diaspora has it all.
BLACK DISCOURSE believes that the beat, cadence, flow, movement, and flavor of what Black peoples say, can never be owned. We share information, innovation and all the cheat codes because we created them. We build networks and unlock closed doors because we forged the keys. 

Gatekeeping is dead.

It’s not just WHAT we say, it’s HOW we say it.

The thing is, Black people talk about everything we just rarely see. BLACK DISCOURSE plays with oral tradition, curating leaders across distinct worlds under one roof.
We elevate conversations and viewpoints that challenge the paradigm.

BLACK DISCOURSE is a space celebrating the Black oral transmission.

Curating and creating from the well of diasporic creative genius to bridge the underground and overground.

BLACK DISCOURSE is a space celebrating the Black oral transmission.

Curating and creating from the well of diasporic creative genius to bridge the underground and overground.


Black Discourse in collaboration with Off-White™ produced a 3-part salon series with the  'I Support Black Women' campaign, to build power, mobilize people into action, and provide political education.The ‘I Support Black Women’ campaign was created by Trinice McNally, Black, queer, feminist, migrant, survivor, and activist and Virgil Abloh, creative director and founder of Off-White™. The campaign and salon series aims to amplify and capture Black women leaders of all identities (Transgender, Immigrant, Disabled, Fat, Queer, Working-Class) to share their work and why they have dedicated their life to social change - and the importance of fashion, arts, culture in creating this change.

Watch Black and Asian Feminist Perspectives on Immigration: Violence,Citizenship, and Solidarity

Watch Everything You Wear is Political: Fashion & Black Feminist Politic

Watch Resisting in Global Black Feminisms: Black Feminist Transnational Organizing w/ Anielle Franco
Black_Space The Code Sharing Series with Nordstrom Men + Concept 001

Black Discourse created The Code Sharing Series to hold five intimate conversations with Nordstrom’s Black_Space collaborators Beth Birkett, Azza Yousif, Matthew Henson, Harris Elliott and Marcus Paul. The Code Sharing Series bridges the Black creative overground and underground by connecting each guest with Nordstrom’s new and emerging Black and Brown creatives entering the fashion world - investigating each guests’ raw personal experiences for invitees to bag their cheat codes.
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Instagram for some gems from the curators.
GOTV Film with Converse and For Freedoms

Released before the 2020 election on American Inaugural Early Voters Day, Black Discourse in partnership with Denim Tears + Converse shot an open conversation about voting and Blackness right before the sneaker drop supporting Black Voters Matter Fund and For Freedoms. This conversation was shared to inspire early voting for young people, highlight the mythology of civic engagement and acknowledge the critical importance of the election. 

Watch the short film Hank Willis Thomas + Tremaine Emory | How Branding and Pop Culture Impact Black Civic Engagement here.