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In October 2022, Intelligent Mischief and BLACK DISCOURSE launched the first in a series of global live streamed sound clashes in Memphis - to shine a disco ball light on the perpetual issues that Black migrants face around the world. The international soundclash hosted DJs from USA, Brasil, Jamaica, Australia and Ghana as each location was live-streamed into a hot and sweaty Memphis dancefloor and portal to an afrofuturist dream space and back out to the global Diaspora.

In December 2021, BLACK DISCOURSE built and launched our audio archive installation ‘The Reclamation Project’ as special invite and partner of Limbo Accra – inside Scott house – a tropical modern mid-century architectural masterpiece in Accra. Site specific recordings and interviews weave together complicating narratives and relationships to the house, prompting questions about lineage, change, legacy and reclamation.

In August 2022 Nordstrom and BLACK DISCOURSE invited 200 members of the public to Virgil Abloh Broke My Mind, an intimate conversation in Nordstrom’s flagship NY store to celebrate the launch of Nordstrom Concept 018: Virgil Abloh Securities.

To celebrate the launch of Nordstrom Concept 018: Virgil Abloh Securities, Nordstrom commissioned BLACK DISCOURSE to create a sonic artifact to commemorate Virgil Abloh’s legacy. Featuring original sound design by UK Producer and DJ Shy One, the work captures tender reflections from friends and collaborators including Ev Bravado, Atiba Jefferson, Jian Deleon, Acyde, Bafic and Ash Lauryn

Sacrosanct, created by BLACK DISCOURSE, is a three-channel pop-up film installation sanctifying the brilliance of Black heresy in the act of moving under the continued pressures of colonial imperialist violence. This installation honors, explains and activates the ethos of diasporic community building through shared cultural heritage of music, oral tradition transmission, and dance.

Renowned conceptual artist Hank Willis Thomas and designer Tremaine Emory take a moment to reflect on their collaborative efforts to support the Black vote while keeping their eyes on the future. In this video, Hank and Tremaine discuss how Black ingenuity in fashion, music, art, and branding collabs can be a tool used towards shifting the culture of civic engagement in America.

In June 2021, BLACK DISCOURSE and Off-White™ held the second “I Support Black Women” intimate salon - bringing together Black creatives, artists, and activists, including guest speakers Virgil Abloh and Melody Ehsani. Everything You Wear is Political: Fashion & Black Feminist Politic imagines the possibilities of how these sectors can work together to build the solidarity we want and need to see.

BLACK DISCOURSE is a multidisciplinary studio & oral tradition incubator, curating from the global Black experience.

We connect Black conversation to the world, through experiential design and media production.




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